Mining museum Harrachov - The Giant Mountains

Mining Museum and guided underground mine gallery were opened on March 2003 in the main gallery floor level of the former mine. In the museum there are examples of fluorite deposits minerals, tools and equipment used in mining, maps and photographs documenting the work at the local deposit.

The tour

The tour will take you to the tunnel about 1000 metres long , routing the typical ore mine environment, poured by gravel and enlightened, the average annual temperature varies 7 °C (we recommend to wear warmer clothing).

After donning a helmet at the entrance to the tunnel, you will see a complete mining elevator mine trolleys, battery- electric locomotive mining loader, etc.

Guided tour lasts about 45 min. and visitors will learn a lot of things concerning work in the former ore mines.

The area of the mining museum and mining gallery tour is the property of I. Krkonošská důlní s.r.o..


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